The Rusty Shed and the Rooster

Rusty and dented, there is an old metal shed situated along a dirt road near our home in Italy. Tucked between olive trees on a grassy knoll that old shed tells a story of service. Seasons would surely come and go with wind and rain taking a toll on that shed. The equipment inside was protected from those elements but what about protecting it from intruders?

Late one afternoon when the sun was getting low and shadows long I heard the unmistakable crow of a big old rooster. Acting as the sentinel for that shed he warned of my approach. The light and shadow and crow of a rooster inspired me to paint a chapter in the story of that old shed!

The Rooster, 30 x 20 cm ( 8 x 10 in ) oil on panel 

I visit the rooster on my daily walks.  He crows at dawn, alarms when there are intruders and sometimes just because he can!




6 thoughts on “The Rusty Shed and the Rooster

  1. I love the curious rooster! and the texture of the metal is amazing. Have you compared these to the artwork that you showed me on your wall the firs time I came to Italy? Amazing and incredible growth. 🙂


  2. I am starting to hide paintings I once was proud of :-))) . I learn a little more each time I paint and more importantly I am enjoying the process! You have been a great help too so thank you Elizabeth!


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