Blossoms Past,Present and Yet to Come

My early morning walk is my time for quiet reflection about my life past, present and what is yet to come. Lately, during my walks the marshy plant known to locals as the Duck Potato has captured my attention. I have been checking a few of these plants daily in search of new blossoms, delicate flowers and seed pods that have developed. This plant, like many, blooms in stages with older blossoms going to seed to make way for the new. And then of course there are the bees doing their part in all of this flower magic. The cycle of life occurs for the Duck Potato as it does for all living things and there is beauty and magic at each stage.

My daily watch over the the Duck Potato blossoms past, present and yet to come inspired me to paint.

Blossoms Past, Present and Yet to Come, oil on panel, 8 x 10 inches

I hope you have enjoyed viewing this painting as much as I enjoy seeing this marshy plant in the morning sunlight.




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