The Approach

What is more amazing than the interaction between bees and flowers? Watching a field of flowers come alive with the hum of honey bees at work is almost magical. I have often watched this phenomenon wondering from where did these bees approach? But that is just me and my tendency to analyze everything (a tendency that sources a lot of family eye rolling).

Just a few days ago I saw the this never ending bee ritual again. Honey bees were approaching a flower native to the Southeastern US called the Duck Potato. The Duck Potato has the scientific name, Sagittaria Lancifolia, but I kind of prefer Duck Potato. By whatever name the flower is called it is a beauty and bees come to it readily.

Duck Potato

The combination of Duck Potato and bees were the inspiration for my painting, The Approach.

The Approach, oil on panel, 8 x 10 inches

For me The Approach is a representation of that endless relationship between the flower and the bee. I hope that you have enjoyed viewing this painting!




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