Waiting For the Fish

It isn’t possible to paint plein air all of the time and I must admit I really do enjoy quiet time in the studio. The other advantage to my studio work is that I am able to rest my back and knees when I use my cool yellow painting stool! Wheeling around on that thing in my converted sun porch studio has has worked out well.

My studio work is usually a little larger that my plein air pieces and I work from a variety of sources but never paint a scene or place I have not actually visited. In fact many times while working on a piece I will stop painting and return to the original location to refresh my memory. Fortunately, while I was working on Waiting For the Fish the subject location was only brief walk from home!

The above photos were taken along the shore of Lake Virginia during one of my daily walks. Each day I see marvelous waterbirds along the marshy shoreline of that lake. So I decided to include these birds in some of my paintings. Waiting for The Fish is my most recent waterbird painting and I plan to do more.

Waiting For the Fish, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

Watching a waterbirds patiently waiting for the fish that abound in the shallow marsh gave me the chance to study their features and movements. One morning I saw an amazing reflection of an Egret and that was the moment of inspiration for this painting.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing Waiting For the Fish.




2 thoughts on “Waiting For the Fish

  1. I love the reflection of this bird, it’s really lovely. And i love how your lilies truly look like they are sitting on the surface of the water, the perfect shapes and shading. Bravo!


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