A View of Fabro From the South

Have you ever seen a changing sky so spectacular that you just wanted to gaze at it? One day I saw just such a sky over the Italian castle village of Fabro. It was a sky with layered clouds traversing in opposite directions con velocità. Low atmosphere storm clouds were highlighted by opposing bright white clouds above as if in a struggle for some kind of victory. All of that was beneath the ever-present arch of deep blue that goes on to infinity. It was a truly amazing sky and being a painter I wondered if I could capture that feeling of movement on canvas.

So I began to paint! I took a few breaks to think about cloud movement rather than a frozen cloud moment in the sky. There was a time when I was at a stage with this painting where I wanted to stop! I thought I had captured the sky movement and I was worried about ruining the painting. I thought maybe I could just stop and title it Afraid to Paint More.


But Henri Matisse and a few others said, “Creativity takes courage.” I didn’t want to let Henri (and the others) down so I continued painting. And besides that there were elements of light in the hay field and castle village that intrigued me!

A View of Fabro From the South, oil on canvas 35 x 25 cm

In the end I produced A View of Fabro From the South. I tried to capture the darker storm clouds moving left in the painting while the above lighter clouds were moving to the right. I placed the light feathery clouds in the blue sky to yield a feeling of movement to the right of the painting. And then there are the hay bales in the field, my continued tribute to Monet. I hope that you will enjoy this painting!






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