Where the Poppies Grow

There is a place I know, a place where cypress trees cast their shadows on weathered pavement, near fields of wheat. It is a quiet place, and it is where poppies grow.


This special place is along the Strada della Montagna near my home in Umbria, Italy. I like painting there, and I also like to share this place. In fact, I have painted there in plein air with my friends and fellow artists John Sterner and Elizabeth St Hilaire. (Elizabeth painted in plein air using collage media! She is the only plein air collage artist I know of.)

Where the Poppies Grow is oil on canvas 25 x 35 cm.

Where The Poppies Grow

I really enjoyed working on the late afternoon shadows in this piece, and I think I will be painting more often in that late afternoon lighting.







4 thoughts on “Where the Poppies Grow

  1. Thank you for mentioning me! I had a great day the afternoon we spent right there in that spot. I’d love to go back in the future. The long shadows of the late afternoon are my absolute favorite. Each painting you post is better than the last, your progress is crazy good! The aerial perspective of that mountain in the background is perfect, I love the sublty of it out there in the distance. The Italian cypress greens, highlights and shadows, are the absolute perfect hue in every value. Good Job Luigi!


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